Winter Weddings – The Pros And Cons

There really is a lot to think about before becoming a winter bride. The following is meant to help you decide whether you’re up for it or you should reorganize your plans.

PRO: You’ll have an easier time finding vendors.

Couples getting married in June should choose their vendors well in advance – otherwise they’re going to be stuck with other couples’ “leftovers,” generally the most expensive and/or least appealing options. If you plan on saying “I do” in December, however, when the wedding industry grinds to a halt, there should be lots of vendors just waiting to be hired.

PRO: Pretty much everything should be cheaper.

If you and your groom are the only ones vying for a vendor’s business, you might be able to get him to lower his price. It’s often better for a caterer, florist or photographer to book a client for less money than to spend the weekend not working.

CON: You might not be able to get the flowers you want.

Sure a florist can get her hands on pretty much every type of flower year round. But if there aren’t any flowers blooming within a 300-mile radius, you’re going to have your flowers shipped in from warmer parts.

CON: Staying warm will be tricky.

If you’re hosting your ceremony and reception at a hotel and you’re getting ready there, you don’t have to worry about what sort of down coat will look best over your wedding dress. But if you have to be outside at all, you’re going to need some type of jacket or sweater – and finding one that looks good with your dress (and won’t crush it!) will be tough!

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