Winter Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Winter Weddings are not mostly popular. It may be because of severe cool. But with some creative ideas you can really beat coldness of winter. You can also warm things up a little. It is not difficult to create the weddings of your dreams with some research work & patience. Wedding should be in actually enjoying the planning & parathions of the biggest day.

In winters, you will find that many of wedding venues offer special deals along with some discounts in catering service, decorations, car service etc. Keep in mind that mostly they will offer you discounted offers. Just don’t be afraid to ask! And, don’t ask questions in general, ask specific questions.

Try some of the following tips & make your wedding ceremony more charming & glamorous in winters.


Winters bring coolness with it. It is difficult to arrange a marriage ceremony in parks or lawns. The best possible location for wedding is your home or church. Many of the churches have tradition to decorate its hall with lilies, white net & butter fillies. You can change the decoration of church with color of your dress.


Red roses, calla lilies, and amaryllis are winter wedding flowers. But you can change colors of flowers with your taste. To arrange flowers for wedding is difficult task. Not forget to take flowers from neighbors home or from gardens. Add while silk ribbon in flowers and tie it with floral decorated plastic sheets give a decent look.


Decoration is another difficult task in winter wedding. Create some festive winter atmosphere in wedding hall or church by using white led lights. Most effective theme of decoration is all white. Ivory, sky blue or off white colors can be added with white. Use clear crystal bowls for decoration of tables & put some petals of rose in it with floating candles. The overall effect of is classic, decent & beautiful.

Food & Drinks

No matter what season is, food & drinks is costly portion of the wedding. In wedding winters, serve coffee, tea or mulled cider to guests with light refresh. If the wedding is at night time, serve dinner with good appetizers like soups etc.

The Music

A classical music at reception gives an elegant look to wedding. Also, light music of piano at dinner time creates a pleasant atmosphere.

The Cake

Wedding cake has its own importance in wedding. Decorate cake with some roses & ribbons. It looks like pretty & rap cutting knife with ribbon.

Wedding Colors

In winter wedding, hot colors are white with combination of red & white. It reflects like the season of Christmas.

Invitation Card

The most popular theme of invitation cards is touch of snow.



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