The weirdest post-wedding traditions in the world (Part 2)

5.Brides should eat as much as possible.

In Mauritius, the brides are encouraged to eat as much, as possible after her wedding. The explanation for this tradition is simple: a fat wife is a symbol of her husband’s wealth. That’s why eating more for a woman is not a restriction, but a rule here.

6.Abduction is allowed.

In Romania, the time of a marriage of some couple may be used by other men to abduct any woman they want. If the couple will remain for 2 or 3 days together, they will be declared as betrothed. The parents’ permission for this ceremony is not needed.

7.Entering groom’s home.

In India, the tradition for woman’s first entering the groom’s home exists. According to it, the bride should come first into her partner’s home and light a special lamp that protects their house from the evil spirits. She also has to step into a plate with some special ritual liquid and leave her footprints in the house.

8.Picturing the military tomb.

Russians go crazy about their military power. Their newlyweds have a pretty strange tradition to picture themselves near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, devoted to the fallen Red Army soldiers during the WWII. The couples should also lay down flowers to show their respect.

9.Sneaking away before the party is over.

In Venezuela, a tradition of sneaking away before the wedding party is over exists. If the newlyweds are gone, and nobody has noticed it, it’s a good sign. Also, it’s a good luck for a person, who notices their missing first.

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