The weirdest post-wedding traditions in the world (Part 1)

Pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding traditions may differ. Each culture has its own traditions and rules, that were used to be followed for centuries. But some of them are really strange and weird. In this article, we’d like to introduce you to some interesting post-wedding traditions from abroad.

1.Carrying the bride through the front door.

Such a tradition, as carrying a bride through the threshold may seem romantic today. But its roots come from the early ages when the only way to marry a woman was a kidnapping. Our ancestors carried their ‘victim’ through the front door of her house. This tradition remains till today, though it became much more romantic.

2.Freezing the wedding cake for a year.

It may sound both weird and romantic as well, but some couples enjoy freezing their wedding cake. This procedure is done for saving the piece of cake for a year, in order to eat it on the first anniversary. This cake will be a symbol of the permanent love and long and happy life together. Though it will be eaten in 12 months after the wedding day.

3.Never smile during your wedding.

This tradition may seem weird for the majority of westerners, but Congolese newlyweds follow this rule. It says that they can’t smile untile the very end of reception. If groom or bride cracks a smile, it would show their not serious attitude to the whole marriage.

4.Locked up for 3 days.

An interesting post-wedding tradition exists in Indonesia. The newlyweds are being locked up there for 3 days. During this time they are given a small amount of food. The usage of bathroom or toilet for these days is prohibited.

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