Wedding Gifts Tips (part 2)

The last week wedding gifts tips article has provided you with some basic tips, related to wedding gift choice. However, you should also remember, that it’s also important to choose a proper time for presenting your gift.

Someone sends his gifts for the 2 weeks before the wedding ceremony; others present their gifts after that. Actually, you do your own choice, when you will give your present. Frankly speaking, most of the guests will do it directly at the ceremony, so that we don’t recommend you to wait, when it will be finished and send your gift after.

Another interesting tip can concern so-called ‘group gifts’. This term names the situation, when several people share the price of some really ‘big’ present and buy it together. However, you should be careful with such group-purchases, because it could be difficult to deliver this gift in a proper way. Those, who are going to take part in this purchase, should define, who will take care of money collection, gift purchaising and shipping. Such a preparation should help to avoid the problems, which could occur.

After you’ve finished the gift choosing, you should also think of the way you will present it. How will it be packaged? How will it be signed? Is it big or small? Will it be delivered by you personally or via a courier? What will you tell to the newlyweds? All of this small moments are extremely important, so that we advice you to think of them well before you go to the ceremony.

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