Top Wedding Colors for Winter

Everybody wants to look attractive on wedding ceremony. It’s difficult to pick color for wedding ceremony. Lets’ in this winter, bring some change in your wedding dress by using light colors. Here are top wedding colors of winter. These can help you in designing dress.


One of the most beautiful & luxurious color for fall is cranberry. It is vivacious color of fall. It has feeling of romance, vibrancy & sensuality. Red cranberry color is perfect color for wedding with some touch of pure white. Combination of cranberry color with light green, light yellow, gold, emerald green make your look more pretty.


Sage is grey green color. It has touch of softness. It has very mossy quality. It gives a pleasant look. Sage color can be used with combination of dark green color. Combination of sage with white is also looks good and pretty.


Gold color has unique look. It is the color of success, achievement & triumph. It is the sign of respect.  It gives fresh look. It has feeling of good understanding, wisdom & enlightenment. It inspires knowledge & spirituality and deep understanding of the self & soul. Gold is color of winners. It weddings, it gives pleasant look with different colors like red, green etc. Gold color show self confidence, passionate and eyes catching.

Pumpkin Color

Pumpkin color has its own uniqueness. It radiates warmth & happiness. Combination of red & yellow with pumpkin colors make it more charming. Orange color expresses optimism. Orange brings spontaneity and a positive outlook in life.  Orange color also describes freshness. Combination of yellow, golden, green, and red, sky blue make it extra ordinary and eye catching.

Navy Blue

Contrast of navy blue with white/silver gives extra ordinary look in wedding. Navy blue is the color of peace, harmony & loyalty. It expressed sincerity. it expressed feelings of reliable & responsible. This color exhibits inner security. It also exhibits peace & order in life. Navy blue color is idealistic colors. It enhances self expression & ability to communicate. Blue is color of peace, trust & loyalty.  It exhibits inner security & confidence. It inspires higher ideals. Blue color exhibits sprite, devotion & helper.


Orchid color express creativeness. It exhibits great joy, love & health. Orchid color may look like old purple color. Combination of purple & pink make more eyes catching. It give look of softness and decent. Radiant orchid has become a popular choice for bridesmaids as it flatters a variety of skin tones, but it also serves as a nice complement to various color palettes, including shades of mint and coral.


Lavender color is favorite color of gentle ladies. This shade of purple suggests refinement along with grace, elegance, and something special. Lavender is the color of femininity. It’s a grown up pink.






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