Tips for Wemorable Wedding in Winter Season

Everybody wants their wedding to be unique and different. A winter wedding is the best choice in this aspect. The snowy and breezy landscape is a rare appeal. That’s why it requires more effort to make your winter wedding memorable enough. But at the end, the Grand Winter Celebration is worth to attend. Here are some little tips to help you with it.

A winter wedding requires an indoor arrangement. Get creative with the venue location. Book it near natural landscape, mountains or lakes. Get a banquet hall with big glass walls to glance snowy view outside while celebrating in.

For next, be wintry! Make the internal environment cozy and comfortable. Arrange a bonfire right in mid of the hall. If lighting a real fire isn’t permitted, use make-believe logs that look like real lit fireplace. Prepare a dance floor around it. In this way, mid-point will get all the attention of the guests sitting far away.
Your hall decorations should be themed according to winter colors. Let the dark and shining tones in! Mix white with frosted blue or mix red with metallic tones like gold, copper and silver.  Arrange an Ice-sculptor or make your own snowy bunnies, bears or snow-flakes. You can decorate the corners of the halls with these sculptors to get the winter essence inside.

Then it’s time to get innovative ideas with the décor of the tables. Let the winter flowers such as red roses, calla lilies, camellia, anemone or daffodils in. Have ice-carved vases filled with branches. Hang crystals above them. You can even get snow-bowls and distribute colored beads or crystals above them. It will enchant the guests. Arrange candles on every table. The candle-lit hall along with the fire-logs will create the dreamy environment you desire the most for your winter wedding.

It’s always good to foresight the wedding date to avoid your wedding invitation being lost in all the winter vacation celebration cards. Your wedding shouldn’t be near or very far from the Christmas or New Year time.

To warm-up the coming guests, organize hot soups as starters. A side-by drink bar should be permanently arranged where cappuccinos, warm apple cedar or hot chocolate is served. You can even put dry fruits platters on every table to allure the guests more.

Hope you have a Great Winter Wedding!

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