Three Rules For Wedding Day Grooming

Wedding day is equally important and a hectic day for both the bride and the groom. Brides are usually occupied with their dress, make-up, manicure, hairstyle etc. On the other side, their stronger halfs only need to follow a few simple rules if they want to look fresh and nice for their wedding day.

• Shave

This should definitely be one of your priorities when it comes to getting ready for the big day. You can keep your beard if it has sort of a “normal” look. Be sure that it’s professionally trimmed and shaved and that you’ve got a clean shave on the cheeks and neck. A shaved face will make you look well groomed and fresh.

• Get a haircut

Unless you’ve got very short hair, you’ll need to get a haircut about a week before the wedding. If you have really short hair, visiting your hair dresser two or three days before will do the job. By doing this, you’re giving the hair time to relax a bit before the wedding and it will also give you time to make adjustments if the cut is not flawless.

• Get enough sleep

There is no product or trick that can make you look good on your wedding day if you hadn’t had enough sleep the night before. Of course that the emotions are heightened and you feel nervous, but you need to go to bed earlier than usual. That’s the only way you can sleep enough. Also, plan the bachelor party several days before the wedding.

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