How much does an average wedding cost? (Part 2)

In the previous chapter of this article, we’ve already been discussing the cost of the average wedding. We included the cost of a venue, the catering services, as well as the expenses of hiring a photographer. We would like also to mention the cost of other things, which are necessary for planning your wedding of a dream.

Flowers: $800 and more

Any wedding has to be organized with lots of flowers. They are the symbol of this happiest moment of the newlyweds’ lives. That’s why you shouldn’t forget about them either.

Cake: $300 and more

The cake is also a ‘must-have’ attribute that should be present at any wedding! You can order a real wedding cake with some symbols and specific decorations, which will make your and your guests’ lives a little bit sweeter!

Entertainment: $700 and more

You don’t want your guests to get bored, right? That’s why you’d better think well about the way you are going to entertain them. Maybe some great DJ will be invited to your party? Or are you going to have your own pool? This another important thing that you should care about.

Dress and shoes: $2000 and more

You and your spouse are going to look perfect, right? Some fashioned clothes and shoes are going to help you! Don’t forget to choose them, so that their colours would pass your decorations and wedding style.

Engagement ring: $1000 and more

Yes, the engagement ring is the symbol of a true love, which should also be added to our expenses.

The cost of the average wedding (including some other stuff, like beauty, gifts and honeymoon) is equal to about $30,000-$40,000 in total. Keep it in mind while planning your wedding budget!

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