How much does an average wedding cost? (Part 1)

It’s a great news that you are going to have a wedding with your beloved one. We wish you love and a happy living with this person. But before you start composing your guest list, you should first think well about the expenses that should be made for this event. How much does an average wedding cost? This question is ‘number one’ for people, who are going to wed soon. That’s why we present this article to you.

The first thing that should be made is your wedding budget. It’s some kind of a plan, which will show you the amount of money you are dealing with. Having your budget in mind, you should plan your whole wedding. Everything depends on this. But let’s look at the prices of average things, required for your event.

1.Wedding venue – $3-4k and more

You need to think well about the place, where all of your guests will be gathered. The venues can be chosen either in your country or somewhere abroad – everything depends on your budget.

2.Catering $4-5k and more

The price of food and drinks, which will be offered to your guests, has a great impact on the whole cost of your event. Which cuisine are you going to choose? Will there be any food trucks or mobile bars available?

3.Photographer $800 and more

The wedding is a special event for anybody. That’s why you need to hire a good photographer, who will save this precious moment for your whole life. This will cost you a little less than $1k, but the actual price may grow.

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