How To Choose A Wedding Hairstyle

Make a match

A bride’s hair should complement her gown (but not compete with it). The formality of your outfit should dictate the direction you take with your hair. For a chic, modern ensemble like a pant suit or a simply cut dress, either slick back your hair or wear it in a sleek blow-out. For a country wedding type looks, curly hair is a good option (you can even put some flowers in your hair). Big ball gown style dresses look best with dramatic updos.

Length matters

If you have short hair – The mini barrette look is a sweet option for a twenty-something bride; use gel to slick the front of your hair down, fastening one or two barrettes in strategic places. Tousle the hair on the back of your head for a wild contrast. An elasticized, fine-toothed headband is another simple-but-chic look. Just pull one through your hair and you’ve got the pixie look.

If you have long hair – If you decide to wear your hair up, a wise choice in the summer (or if your hair is prone to frizz or mood swings) would be a wonderful updo. Scour fashion magazines, consult with your hairdresser or ask friends for help with trying styles out.

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