Customized Wedding Invitations

Think about your vision

Imagine your ideal wedding invitation – think about all the details. Should it be pink with soft white details? Or should it be matte black with the text written in italic? You just need to have a general idea of how your wedding invitation should look before you go to an expert. Once you display all your ideas, an expert will suggest several designs that match your conception.

Select size and shape

Should it be square? Or should it be rectangular? Or should it be unusually round? Think carefully about the shape because your invitation must fit into an envelope. The “envelope” type and size is the most used one, and any other type that differs from this one is considered to imply an non-traditional wedding.

Finalize the details

And don’t accept compromises. If you didn’t like a certain detail, and your partner did, don’t accept it just like that – talk to them and come up with a solution that satisfies both sides. By doing this you’ll avoid dissatisfaction and it’s crucial for you two to agree on every single detail regarding your wedding (even if it’s just the font or the color of the invitations).

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