Communication on your wedding – a couple of important tips

The process of communication of people is important in any situation. Your wedding is not the exception – you should pay enough attention to the process of organization of communication. Here is what we mean.

1.Seating chart

It’s natural, that the newlyweds create a special chart with a ‘seating plan’, which includes the names of the guests and the information about their seats. It allows to group people with similar interests or just those, who know each other. This process allows, let’s say, to seat your grandma’s friends separately from your college mates.

In order to bring more fun for your wedding guests, you should think well: who and where should be seated.

2.Talk to each guest

If your wedding is visited by hundred of guests, it may be not so easy to talk to everyone, but you should. It doesn’t mean, that you should have hours-long conversations, but short chat is necessary. It’s a good way to show your attention and to give a respect to your friends, relatives, and other wedding guests.

3.Introduce people with similar interests

It may happen, that some of your guests, who, let’s say, work in the same field, may not know each other. In such case, they will probably be glad to have a conversation. So why not to introduce them to each other? It will take just a couple of minutes for you, but these people will definitely not get bored in the next several minutes or even more.

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