Common wedding problems and the ways to solve them (PART 1)

There is no ‘perfect’ wedding – all of them have their problems and little misunderstandings. But it’s OK in the majority of cases – all of these problems simply should be solved correctly.

We offer you to discuss some common situations that happen on weddings and the ways you can solve them easily.

1.Your parents want to invite more.

The situation when parents of the newlyweds are going to invite their friends as well is pretty common. It’s not a surprising fact – they have their own close friends, whose duty is coming to their friends’ kids. But it doesn’t mean that you should agree with their invitation without any questions. You still can handle this problem in some simple ways.

The first one is offering to pay for the new guests. You can motivate that you would like to pay the wedding for X guests only, with no parents’ friends in the lists. However, if they would like – they may invite them and pay for as well.

The second way you may solve this problem is trying to say that you aren’t prepared for such a large wedding and that you wouldn’t have invited these people.

2.You don’t want kids at your wedding.

Sometimes kids may be noisy and they need much attention – that’s the main reason why some couples don’t want them to see at the wedding. But you may offend some guests, who are going to come with their child.

The solution is simple – don’t forbid kids at your event, but create a special zone for their entertainment. Ask some teenagers at your wedding to babysit with the kids and don’t worry about this.

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