Can the guests take home your wedding flowers?

Any wedding is decorated with many flowers – a traditional sign of the start of a new life.

And there is such a good tradition, as giving away all of the wedding flowers, used as decorations, to your guests. It’s either a good way to give some small gifts to the people, who visited your wedding; or a nice solution to do something with a huge amount of flowers, which was used to decorate your event. So, is it a good idea to give them all away? There are several points of view for this issue.

The first one is that it’s better to give all of the flowers for charity. For example, you can deliver them to a local senior house. Its inhabitants will be glad very much to see your beautiful bouquettes. In such case, you should take care of the delivery of your flowers to the senior center. You will be probably able to do it on the next day after the wedding.

Another idea is to let your guests know, that they are free to take the flowers away. In such case, you should think well about the way they’ll be able to do it. You should understand, that it would be much more convenient for them to get some pots or even some paper bags for keeping the flowers. Otherwise, they won’t deliver it in a good condition. You can also buy in bulk some small vases, so that the guests will be able to put their flowers in them.

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