10 Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding is the big event of everyone’s life, the union of two souls. It’s the Beginning which everyone wants to make Momentous and Best of all. Why not reach out for some tips to help your messed-wedding-mind!
1) Wedding Planner

The first thing that comes up is planning each and everything for the wedding. As a to be bride or groom, its best not to take whole the wedding responsibility on your shoulder. Get a Wedding Planner! Sit with him/her and narrow down your every wish in the tight budget.

2) Venue

Choosing a venue all depends upon the season. A summer wedding requires an outdoor greenery touch while a winter wedding will require you to arrange an indoor warm and cozy environment. Most importantly, your venue spot should be easily accessible to majority of your guests. Don’t forget to make the map of your venue on the back of your card.

3) Decorations

Decorating your wedding venue as along with your theme dresses, seasonal flowers and the weather outside is the third step towards your Grand Ceremony.

4) Careful with the musicians hiring

Before hiring the musicians or band, hear them. Ask them to send you a video tape or sample. It’s necessary to listen to them yourself before paying them worthlessly.

5) Playlist preparations

Arrange different tunes or fun songs for every part of the wedding like while cake-cutting, entrance with the pops, bouquet toss or exit dance. Similarly, whole playlist for the wedding should be already listed out with the DJ.

6) Telefilm

We all love the exquisite photographs or memorable timeline wedding film. Get your videographer to shoot every little moment of your wedding.

7) Parking area

A spacious parking area is another necessary element. It saves guests from annoying mess of waiting long lines or parking far away.

8) Food Cuisine
Food is the major reason why most of the guests come up. Arrange the starter, main course and the drinks as per the taste of the guest eaters.

9) Relax:

You are the Bride or Groom! You are the main part of the entire celebration. Give some time to yourself in all these preparations mess-up. Attend all your beautician appointments. Don’t compromise on looking the Best.

10) Vows

Get original. Write all your vows yourself from the heart. Do prepare small thank you lines for all your loved ones who supported and loved you all your life.

At the end, I just want to add: Get the Best of it!

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