10 things that should be done after your engagement

If you already said ‘Yes’, with no doubts, you have a got a reason for celebration. You can also make a post on Facebook and Instagram, as well as tell some happy news to your friends. But before you do this, we’d like to advise you to do some other things, which can make you feel much better. Here they are.

1.Celebrate with your close friends and family.

The first thing you should do from the very beginning after your engagement is a celebration. It’s a nice chance to have a good time with your spouse because soon some planning problems will come. So, don’t miss it!

2.Share this news with everyone!

Now it’s time for letting everybody know about your happiness! Call your friends, post on facebook and share this feeling.

3.Set a budget for your wedding

Now let’s think about the financial part of your wedding. How much money are you ready to spend? How much shall you be given by parents? What’s your overall budget for this event and how are you going to use it?

4.Pick the ‘right’ venue

Where are you going to celebrate your wedding? It’s important because this place will stay in your memory forever. So it must be some really cool place with awesome decorations.

5.Talk about the date

The date of your wedding plays also a huge role. It must be the date that would be OK for both of you. So, it’s time to start discussing it as soon as possible.

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