Writing Wedding Vows

You’ve decided to tie the knot, made all the preparations for the wedding and now one final thing is “torturing” you – wedding vows. Because they have so much to say, but don’t know to express it with words (ironically), the bride and the groom tend to leave the vows for the last day, and often do it sloppy. If you want to avoid this, there are a few steps you need to go through in the process of writing your wedding vows.

1. Read other vows for inspiration

It’s normal that you don’t have the inspiration or you don’t know what to say. You keep so many feelings inside you and don’t know how to express them with words. And you’re afraid of how you’re going to do it, because you want them to be perfect. After all, not only your future husband/wife, but all of your friends and family will hear them.

2. Talk to your fiance

What if you consider a few sentences to be ok, but your fiance wants to write a novel? You have to talk to your fiance and agree on the format and tone of the vows. Will they be one or two paragraphs long (or longer)? Will they be humorous? Poetic? Romantic maybe? You can even write them together if you like.

3. Include promises

They’re called vows for a reason, so the promises are the most important part. You may include the “traditional” ones like “I promise to always support you” or “I promise to say ‘I love you’ every night before bed”. Or you can come up with few of your own. You can think about promises you’ve given her/him earlier, while you were talking about your future life and include them. This will definitely surprise your other half and make it feel better because it’s a sign that you’ve listened to her/him.

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