What Your Engagement Ring Says About You – Part Two

In part one of this article, we brought you some incredibly beautiful rings that are bound to stay with you for life, both because of their beauty and their emotional significance for you. In part two, we bring you two more breathtakingly gorgeous rings that promise to do the same.

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

You are drawn to minimalist elegance. Your wedding gown is probably a sheath, and your style icons are cool girls like Kate Hudson and Keira Knightley. You’ll choose a simple bouquet of lilies, and you’ll walk down an aisle lined with candles – because you are just that effortlessly chic. Instead of registering for gifts, you might ask guests to donate to your favorite cause to keep things simple.

Colorful Engagement Ring

We have a feeling you like to do your own thing. We also have a feeling your dress will be unconventional, with a splash of color or quirky embellishments (or maybe even both). You never mind standing out, and your guests will remember your wedding as a crazy-fun party with amazing energy. If anyone is going to throw an exotic destination wedding or pull of a funky backyard theme, it’s you.

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