Tips For Decorating Wedding Tables

Banquet reception tables

1. Different tables demand different decorations. Long banquet tables need to have “high” decoration. Break the monotony with ceramic vases or candlesticks.

2. Consider the space you’re given. Oversized windows need to be balanced out. The perfect solution would be longer tables, they give depth to the room and keep it from feeling cold.

3. It’s very important to use different shapes when you have banquet tables. Don’t use traditional, round plates. Play with them and choose those with sharp sides.

Round reception tables

1. If you’re having round reception tables, the golden rule of decorating is to group similar arrangements of similar colors and sizes in the middle. The middle of the table should never be empty.

2. Round tables need to be “broken up” with sharp decorations. Unusually shaped plates or some rectangular decoration on top of them should do the job.

3. Use small details and mix colors – although most people would choose white for round tables, have the courage to try something different.

Square reception tables

1. Square tables demand a special approach. Pay attention to the surrounding elements. Also, the tables need to have an equal distance between each other, don’t put some too close and others too far.

2. If round tables need to have something with sharp edges, square tables need to have round elements. Circles are welcome, and round plates are the best choice for this type of table.

3. A candle on a square table is a must have. A little lighting should make a pleasant atmosphere for your guests.

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