Several questions to your wedding photographer (Part 2)

We continue our post, including the questions, which can be asked to your photographer. So, let’s go on.

3.Why each wedding photographer makes different photos? How can he achieve the various styles of his pictures?

It’s true, that we can surprise, comparing different wedding photographers’ pictures. One can be shot in an old movie style, when the other – in some soft colors. Why do they differ and how is it explained?

Well, the key to this difference is in contrast, depths, cleanness and matteness of the pictures you see. The photographers is just changing these values, crreating the final effect you see. So, looking through his previous works, you can imagine, how your wedding look like. It’s important to know, which style this guy is working with and whether you like it or not.

4.Will I look good enough on the pictures?

It’s a common question, asked, mostly, by the brides. They doubt, will the photographer catch their beauty on photos, or not. They doubt, if they look good enough. However, the answer for this question is simple.

You shouldn’t care about the photographer – he knows, what he should do in order to achieve the necessary results. You should care about your proper diet, your relaxed mind and your good sleep before the wedding. These are the tips, which will actually make you look beautiful on the photos.

5.Is editing necessary?

Your photographer services price includes editing, which was mentioned above. But you can cut the price, refusing the editing. The process is simple – a photographer just sends the photos he made, without changing anything. However, it will look like as amateur photos without any charm.

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