Several questions to your wedding photographer (Part 1)

A wedding photographer is a person, who plays a great role in the organisation of your wedding. He or she has an extremely important function – to save the images, the memories of the happiest day of your life. That’s why we prepared this post for you, in order to answer the most interesting questions. So, let’s start.

1.Why wedding photographer is so expensive?

One of the most intriguing things is why the price of photographer’s services is so high? This guy is just making some photos, but you have to pay several $Ks for his day of work. How is that possible?
Well, wedding photography is not so simple, as it could seem. ‘This guy’ has to not just take photos, but to edit them, make them look good and attractive. Several weeks can be spent for working with them – that’s the bunch of work!

Besides, the camera for taking pictures and the other equipment, which is carried by those guys, is not so cheap as well. So all of the prices are based on something.

2.Can we Photoshop something?

Another question, that is widely asked by the newlyweds is if the photographer uses Photoshop, editing their photos. The answer is: either ‘yes’, or ‘no’. Right, making some filters, adding colours and depth is a normal procedure. But a great photo is made not with a software – the camera and the moment of a picture play much bigger role.

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