How about a low-cal cocktail? // preparing for the big day

Many brides prepare for the big day, working on their fitness. That’s why drinking calorie cocktails on some festive occasions may lead to the negative results for your shape. So, in order to avoid this, here are our low-cal cocktails recipes that you can use for your holidays.

1.Soda & vodka

This is a favourite cocktail for many people due to its fresh flavour. But another benefit of this recipe is in its calories. They are only about 100 per one serving, what’s really low.

2.Rum & Diet Coke

Diet Coke is much lower in calories and sugar, what makes it good even for people, who struggle with making their shape perfect. But be care of rum – it leads to worse hangovers than vodka.

3.Gin & Tonic

This cocktail has about 150 calories in one serving, so you can afford it with no fear. Besides, it’s refreshing and tasteful, what makes it extremely popular everywhere. The only thing we should aware you is picking a top quality gin for this cocktail.

4.Tequila & Seltzer

Another low-calorie solution for your party is tequila mixed with seltzer. The last one may be replaced with tonic water as well. It tastes with a fresh lime even better.


Who need those cocktails, right? A tasteful classic wine is also available! But you should know that white wine is sweeter than the red one. It means that it contains a little bit more sugar. So, minding your nutrition, you should probably pick the red one.


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