Inviting Kids To The Wedding

The discussion of whether to invite children to a wedding or not has always resulted in very different and often opposite opinions. There are people who think that a wedding without children is not a wedding, and there are people who think that children are too small to understand what a wedding means, and their presence can only cause problems to the guests and the bride and groom. Who’s right?

It’s on you to decide who’s invited

It’s okay to invite kids from your or your future husband’s family. After all, you both want his or your niece at your wedding, right? But, you have to decide do you want other peoples’ nieces on your wedding. It’s totally okay to invite only the kids who are part of your or your fiancé’s family – and no one else’s! And you should definitely not feel sorry about that. It’s your big day, not theirs.

Make it clear who’s invited

If you want your friends to come, but not their kids, make it clear. People tend to make assumptions when they don’t have full information. If you’re inviting the kids, add the words “and family” to the invitation envelope. If you’re not, make sure your friends understand your reasons. You don’t want to hurt their feelings.

Managing the kids

It may seem like a good idea to put all kids at one table, but a bunch of kids without adults around can make a big mess in a relatively short period of time. So, if you have already decided to invite the kids as well, seat them with their parents. That’s how they’ll hopefully stay under control and there will be no unpleasant surprises on your wedding day.

Offer them meals and keep them entertained

Make sure that on the menu you include the food you want to serve to the little ones. Also, children have short attention spans and they need lots of entertainment. So, the perfect solution is to create small diversions for them – a few board games, a kid-friendly DVD or a couple of Game Boys will do the trick.

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