How to Propose To Him

We’re giving you some tips about how to propose to him. Since this is new ground, there really are no traditions you can break. So let’s just make sure the bare essentials are covered and you can hear some advice about which way is the right way to propose.

Understand Their Personality

The best way to plan a successful proposal is to understand this is not your dream proposal, it’s his. Create a situation and atmosphere that fits their personality. Understand that, if he has traditional values, you are already rocking the boat by proposing to him.

Plan for Success

Consider the logistics. Make contingency plans if it rains and if family or friends are helping you make sure they know their roles. It would be best if you can check, double check, or triple check the reservations. Choose a time of day and year, knowing that you’ll remember it for years to come.

Keep the Proposal Simple

The point is to enjoy the moment. Elaborate décor might be beautiful, but it’s also distracting and can be overwhelmed with too much going on, and after all when you finally ask they won’t be able to take their eyes off of you.

Your History Together

Be aware of your history together. Keep in mind the significant dates and places that are special to both of you. Make it personal above all else and make sure they take you seriously.

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