How To Announce Your Engagement

It’s finally happening – you’re getting married! After the initial excitement, you need to start thinking about how you and your future husband/wife are going to announce your engagement. Here are a few tips about who to tell, when and how.


If either of you have children, they should be the first to know – without any exception. Your marriage will have a great impact on their lives, and they deserve to know before anyone else. Kids need to get comfortable with the idea – give them lots of undivided attention. Plan a fun picnic, bike trip, movie night or dinner – and announce the big news!

Parents and closest friends

If you and your partner don’t have kids (yet), then your parents should be the first ones to know about your wedding. Make a surprise for them – make them believe you’re just making an ordinary, casual dinner, think of a funny way to tell them and watch their reactions (careful: lots of happy tears will be involved!) After your parents, you should tell your closest friends. Face to face conversation is always the best, but telling them over the phone is considered to be okay.


Traditionally, your parents are among the first to know, as aforementioned, and if you want to get technical, the bride’s parents have first dibs on the news. After telling your parents, you don’t have to bother with telling the rest of the family – moms and dads are the ones who are going to notify them soon after they hear the happy news.

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