Dessert table at outdoors summer wedding

Outdoors summer wedding can be a great pleasure with its good weather warm nights and sunny days. However, there are some tips, related to the dessert table of such kind of wedding. Here, in this article, we’d like to present you some interesting tips on how to make your outdoors summer wedding great with a delicious desserts.

1.Melting fast is forbidden

First of all, it is obvious, that melting fast desserts can’t be presented on a summer table. They’ll melt down and won’t bring any pleasure to you and to your guests. So, it’s a pity, but you’ll have to refuse from the ice-cream and any similar kind of a dessert. However, you can still use macaroons, lollipops, cakes and bisquits instead.

2.Using special equipmentis a solution

However, if you still want to taste ice cream at your wedding, you can hire some special equipment for delivering and keeping it in the proper conditions. For example, you can hire some fridge truck, which would look like the old-fashined ice cream truck. It’s either attractive for your guests, or easy-to-be organized for you. Or you can simply use dry ice for keeping everything cooled.

3.Think well about the insects

Delicious sweets can attract tons of insects while being presented on a table. It’s obvious, that mosquitos, flies, bees and bugs won’t bring your guests much fun. So, think well about the way you’ll get rid of them. For example, you can use vanilla, which keeps the bugs away (for some unknown reason).

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