Big Vs Small Wedding

Before we go straight to the point, we must point out that the size of a wedding varies depending on the person. If you don’t like crowded events, then a smaller wedding will do just fine. On the other hand, if you want all your friends and relatives to be with you on that day, then a big wedding will make your dreams come true.

Small Wedding

• Money – The most obvious benefit from organizing a small wedding is the money. You won’t have to spend much of it, and you can save it for some other things you’ll need more in your future life with your soon-to-be husband.
• Venues – When you have a small wedding, you can allow yourself to be picky. You don’t have to go for an ordinary venue, you can search for something different and extraordinary. You can have your wedding in a restaurant, in an art gallery, practically anywhere you want!
• Time – Having a big wedding means that you’ll spend just few minutes with every guest. With a smaller one, you can allow yourself to spend more time with each and every one of your guests (not to mention that your guests will feel very special too).
• Destination – Organizing a big wedding at an exotic destination probably won’t work. You’d have to pay for the flights, hotel, food etc. With a small wedding you can allow yourself to say “yes” wherever you want.

Big wedding

• Guest list – With a large wedding, you’ll be able to see everyone you love, everyone who’s been an important part of your life. And those who love you will also be thrilled to celebrate your big day with you.
• Venue – Some beautiful venues are meant only for big weddings. Believe it or not, some venues don’t even allow small weddings.
• Food – With a large wedding, you can also have a larger variety of food. The options are truly endless. Small weddings are sometimes offered with menus.
• Photos and videos – Probably the most valuable thing that will be created on that glorious date. The images and videos will be more diverse since you’ll have more people. Good videos and photos are something that will last forever – and the best thing about them is that they capture and keep all the good memories for you!

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