4 tips to survive your first marriage year

It’s worth mentioning that surviving your first year of marriage may be not easy if you haven’t been living together with your partner before. On the other hand, living together without a marriage may be a good practice to understand, whether it’s a right person for you or not.

In this article, we’d like to present you a set of advice that will help you survive your first year as husband and wife.

1.Disagreements are OK.

It’s impossible to have agreements on everything. Your partner likes a blue wallpaper, but you prefer the red one. You can’t reach any consensus and you start conflicting. This approach is wrong.

The main thing for both of you is not having the same views, but reaching the final agreement. Maybe you should combine the red and blue wallpapers or place them on different walls, etc.

2.Communicate openly.

There are various issues in our everyday life. For making your partner understand you and find a common solution, you should be open and discuss all of the issues freely. That’s the solution that will make your marriage happier.

3.Think as ‘WE’, but not ‘I’.

Any person used to make her decisions, using the ‘I’ formulae. It’s a wrong strategy if you want to have a happy marriage. You should say ‘WE’ instead, counting with your partner’s interests.

4.Don’t forget about showing your appreciation.

Do you love your partner? Are you proud of living as a family with him or her? If yes – show your gratitude on a regular basis. It will make your marriage much happier.


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