What To Look For In A Wedding Venue

imageIf clothes maketh the man, then a venue definitely makes the wedding. The location that one settles on for one’s wedding sets the tone for the whole event. Given the significance of this aspect of wedding planning, it is not a choice to be taken lightly or without much thought and consideration. Though there may be many choices that take your breath away, you can help to narrow down your options by taking into consideration some basic principles.

The first thing that will need to be assessed is the actual location of your proposed venue. As may be expected, the ideal location should be situated in such a way that it is easy for your guests to find and get to. Logistics play a big role and if left to chance, can single – handedly be the undoing of your big day. As such make sure that your venue is accessible. Can people with disabilities or the old and frail make it with little difficulty? Leave no stone unturned in this area.

Another checklist item has to do, more with aesthetics than functionality. In this instance, you have to benchmark the style and feel you are going for with the wedding location. Open spaces like beaches and country ranches are better suited for informal events while ballrooms and chapels make for a memorable, formal affair. Neither is better than the other but rather depends on your choice.

The number of guest coming to your ceremony and reception should also play a big part in your choice. Deposits for most venues are dependent on the number of people and vehicles that you will expect. This means that you need to find a perfect balance across your finances, number of guests and the location you decide on. For most weddings, there will almost always be gatecrashers, so make sure that you are adamant on getting people to RSVP in time. Providing a guest count at the time of booking, that turns out to be less than at the actual event can be costly or even result in you losing the venue.

Also take into consideration the weather as you choose. This is particularly important if you are going to have the event outdoors. Simple implements like umbrellas, a tent or a canopy can make a huge difference in keeping out the sun and rain.

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