The Right Dress For Your Big Day – Part One

grooms-989877_640A wedding is probably one of the most significant day of any woman’s life. From childhood, we are bombarded by visions and fantasies of dreamy brides, looking majestic and flawless as they waltz down the aisle. It goes without saying that a pivotal part of this glamorous day is the bride’s dress. For that reason many brides – to – be find the pre – wedding period quite nerve – wrecking as they try to make the best choices for their big day. In a time when many variables are up in the air, there are a few things one can do to make the process a bit easier

The first thing to do is to keep one’s head firmly on reality. There have been so many clichés about wedding dresses, mostly fuelled by what we see on television, magazines and other media. In recent years a variety of reality shows about brides have given a rather fantastical image of how finding your dream dress will be like. There may not be an avalanche of emotion or a great epiphany dawning on you. Rather have a checklist of what exactly you are looking for. Much like buying any other product, it helps to know the features, color, look and feel that you want . Sometimes envisioning how you want to feel like on the day gives a good starting point.

In addition, when trying out different dresses, it pays to explore the fit in various positions. Nothing is as uncomfortable as having an awkwardly fitting dress on the day. It’s something that is seldom thought about but a wedding can involve a lot of activity for both the bride and groom. From busting a move on the dance floor to the occasional  fall, one needs flexibility and room in order to be at ease.

Finally, when choosing a dress, an often forgotten part of the process is keeping in mind what the groom will wear as well. Most of the focus goes to what the bride is going to be wearing. However, for those picture perfect Kodak moments, nothing is as cute as an in sync couple. By following these easy steps, you can be assured of a relatively easier time towards the momentous occasion. Remember, it’s only one day, so make it count.

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