Serving Up A Storm On Your Wedding Day

As far as weddings go one could argue that the whole event is as good as the catering that comes with it. A great reception invokes images of waiters in black and white garb serving out hors d’oeuvres that are as delectable as they are exotic looking. Regardless, finding and hiring a capable caterer for such a momentous occasion is no easy task. In as much as many a mistake can fade away with time, people getting sick because of the food served on your day is something that sticks and becomes part of your wedding’s identity. For this reason it is crucial to get a really good menu and service people.

In your journey towards a wonderful culinary experience keep in mind the venue and how it will work with the caterer. Some places will be a bit strict only permitting that you use their in – house caterers while others will be a bit more flexible and allow you to bring in a private service provider. If it is the case that you have to use the caterer that the venue uses then do a little research to make sure they are capable of delivering to your expectations. What do other people say about them and how many guests do they usually handle?

The second consideration that is of great importance is creating a financial plan that is relevant to your pocket and sticking to it. Though it may be every one’s dream to dish out exquisites there are always limitations that re dictated by the size of one’s wallet. Start out by making a list of the absolute necessities that your ceremony cannot do without. Thereafter, it brings some clarity as to the luxury or ‘extra’ items one can bring to the plate [no pun intended] without breaking the bank.

Having your budget in place the next step is to recognize specific dietary requirements. Vegetarians, vegans and allergies are all pointers in this area. Whatever the case may be, make sure that it is communicated to your caterer in ample time. Normally it takes some time to get all the ingredients together, create the desired menu and then deliver it at the venue. For that reason, giving your caterer some lag time is a good way to make sure there are no last minute emergencies.

These few cues, may help to serve up great food for your day.

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