How to ‘promote’ your wedding?

It may not be obvious from the first time, but your wedding, just like any event, should be promoted in a particular way. Of course, under ‘promoting’ we mean connecting to your guests and uniting all of the media (photo, video and same kind of stuff) somewhere ‘in one place’. It’s important, in order not to forget some photos, made by one of the guest. So, how can it be organized in a better way? The answer is simple: social networks.

Social networks play a huge role in our life, so you can use them in order to organize your wedding as well. Here are some tips on how to do it.

1.Common groups and events

Facebook, just like many other social platforms, allows create events and groups, inviting some people (your guests). It allows getting response from each of them, making the whole organizational process more flexible and simple.


Today the majority of your guests will probably send photos from your wedding directly to Instagram and platforms like this. How can all of the precious pictures be gathered ‘in one place’? Right, you can use hashtags!

Use some creative, attractive and unique hashtag, in order to search your pictures easily. In such a case, you’ll be able to get the whole list of your wedding photos in a moment, just typing the hashtag you use.

3.Wedding apps

One more solution for the simplicity of organizational process is wedding application for your guests’ smartphones.

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