A Great Wedding On A Budget

Considering the significance and magnitude of a wedding, many dream of lavish events that live up to the hype and remain the talk of town for ages to come. While a handful of matrimonial hopefuls are fortunate to have family and friends eager and happy to pitch in financially, most have to stretch their earning capacity to cater to their big day. With the current economic challenges globally, it has become harder and harder to commit large sums of money to one specific thing, let alone a one day occasion. In such a scenario, achieving similar if not better results on a budget is a welcome prospect.

When trying to harness costs associated with your wedding, the temptation may be to try and cut down on any possible area that allows. This however can lead to a lackluster event that will leave you wondering whether it was worth it. Rather than pruning on all the cost centers, getting your prioritize can come in very handy. Find a few, two or three things that you feel you cannot do without. This can be the catering, the décor or bridal dress. Whatever it is, make sure you pull out all the stops for it and then cut down and save on the rest. This way you save money and still feel good about your choices.

Another great way to keep costs sane is to keep the ceremony small. By inviting fewer guests, you can enjoy a more sentimental occasion, shared with those you care for and love. With a decent guest list, the corresponding costs of accommodating and catering to them will be much less.

Anyone who’s tried to plan a wedding will tell you that there are many traditions and rituals associated with the big day. Some of these however can drill unnecessary holes in your pocket. As such any custom that you may not necessarily need or fancy is fair game. Anything from a wedding cake to the bridal team is dispensable. The most important thing is that you are being joined in holy matrimony with the spouse of your dreams, and if this basic condition is met, everything else is just but minor detail.

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