Wedding Tips Made Easy And Simple

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How To Plan And Execute The Perfect Wedding

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Tips For Selecting A Soloist For Your Wedding

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Following Through With Your Wedding Planning Correctly

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How To Plan Your Dream Wedding

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How to choose your wedding photographer?

Wedding is such a significant event in our life, that we’d like to have some graphic memories with it. Of course, private photos and selfies are OK, but you also need some professional, who would make some professional pictures. However,

Wedding Gifts Tips (part 2)

The last week wedding gifts tips article has provided you with some basic tips, related to wedding gift choice. However, you should also remember, that it’s also important to choose a proper time for presenting your gift. Someone sends his

Wedding Gifts Tips (part 1)

The tradition of presenting some gifts to the newlyweds has existed for hundreds of years. If you were invited to some wedding, it still remains an important question – what you should present, when and how. That’s why in this

The transport for your wedding: simple tips

For the most of us, wedding is associated with lots of guests and a beautiful pair of newlyweds – and a good-looking transport, which suits the whole ceremony. Actually, it plays not the last role in your wedding, so we’d

Serving Up A Storm On Your Wedding Day

As far as weddings go one could argue that the whole event is as good as the catering that comes with it. A great reception invokes images of waiters in black and white garb serving out hors d’oeuvres that are

Music Errors That Can Ruin Your Wedding

Most of us like to think of ourselves as aficionados when it comes to music and how to set the tone using the right type of melodies. After all, you have been playing your tunes for years and if it