Wedding Tips Made Easy And Simple

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How To Plan And Execute The Perfect Wedding

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Tips For Selecting A Soloist For Your Wedding

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Following Through With Your Wedding Planning Correctly

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How To Plan Your Dream Wedding

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How to ‘promote’ your wedding?

It may not be obvious from the first time, but your wedding, just like any event, should be promoted in a particular way. Of course, under ‘promoting’ we mean connecting to your guests and uniting all of the media (photo,

Can the guests take home your wedding flowers?

Any wedding is decorated with many flowers – a traditional sign of the start of a new life. And there is such a good tradition, as giving away all of the wedding flowers, used as decorations, to your guests. It’s

Dessert table at outdoors summer wedding

Outdoors summer wedding can be a great pleasure with its good weather warm nights and sunny days. However, there are some tips, related to the dessert table of such kind of wedding. Here, in this article, we’d like to present

How to save money on wedding?

The wedding organisation can be extremely expensive, if you buy all the needed stuff in the glamorous shops in malls. However, there are pretty simple steps, which can help you cut your expenses easily. Here they are. 1.Sales after holidays

Several questions to your wedding photographer (Part 2)

We continue our post, including the questions, which can be asked to your photographer. So, let’s go on. 3.Why each wedding photographer makes different photos? How can he achieve the various styles of his pictures? It’s true, that we can

Several questions to your wedding photographer (Part 1)

A wedding photographer is a person, who plays a great role in the organisation of your wedding. He or she has an extremely important function – to save the images, the memories of the happiest day of your life. That’s