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How much does an average wedding cost? (Part 1)

It’s a great news that you are going to have a wedding with your beloved one. We wish you love and a happy living with this person. But before you start composing your guest list, you should first think well

Don’t schedule too much on a wedding day

There is a common mistake, made by many brides in a wedding day. It relates to the scheduling of your whole day. And it can bring too many problems, as a result. Let’s talk more about the ‘messy’ schedule. A

Communication on your wedding – a couple of important tips

The process of communication of people is important in any situation. Your wedding is not the exception – you should pay enough attention to the process of organization of communication. Here is what we mean. 1.Seating chart It’s natural, that

Can the guests take home your wedding flowers?

Any wedding is decorated with many flowers – a traditional sign of the start of a new life. And there is such a good tradition, as giving away all of the wedding flowers, used as decorations, to your guests. It’s

How to choose your wedding photographer?

Wedding is such a significant event in our life, that we’d like to have some graphic memories with it. Of course, private photos and selfies are OK, but you also need some professional, who would make some professional pictures. However,

Wedding Gifts Tips (part 2)

The last week wedding gifts tips article has provided you with some basic tips, related to wedding gift choice. However, you should also remember, that it’s also important to choose a proper time for presenting your gift. Someone sends his