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How to Propose To Him

We’re giving you some tips about how to propose to him. Since this is new ground, there really are no traditions you can break. So let’s just make sure the bare essentials are covered and you can hear some advice

What Your Engagement Ring Says About You – Part Two

In part one of this article, we brought you some incredibly beautiful rings that are bound to stay with you for life, both because of their beauty and their emotional significance for you. In part two, we bring you two

What Your Engagement Ring Says About You – Part One

Round Cut Engagement Ring You are going to want a classic wedding. From the A-line silhouette of your dress to your cathedral-length veil, everything is going to be timeless. You’ll include some special details in your ceremony, like your grandmother’s

How To Announce Your Engagement

It’s finally happening – you’re getting married! After the initial excitement, you need to start thinking about how you and your future husband/wife are going to announce your engagement. Here are a few tips about who to tell, when and

Tips For Decorating Wedding Tables

Banquet reception tables 1. Different tables demand different decorations. Long banquet tables need to have “high” decoration. Break the monotony with ceramic vases or candlesticks. 2. Consider the space you’re given. Oversized windows need to be balanced out. The perfect

Writing Wedding Vows

You’ve decided to tie the knot, made all the preparations for the wedding and now one final thing is “torturing” you – wedding vows. Because they have so much to say, but don’t know to express it with words (ironically),