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4 tips to survive your first marriage year

It’s worth mentioning that surviving your first year of marriage may be not easy if you haven’t been living together with your partner before. On the other hand, living together without a marriage may be a good practice to understand,

Simple steps to find your best wedding dress

Each bride dreams of a perfect wedding dress for the most important day of her life. That’s where the problem comes from: finding really a ‘perfect’ dress is not that easy. Especially if your budget is limited. Anyway, we are

How about a low-cal cocktail? // preparing for the big day

Many brides prepare for the big day, working on their fitness. That’s why drinking calorie cocktails on some festive occasions may lead to the negative results for your shape. So, in order to avoid this, here are our low-cal cocktails

What should you know about the fall wedding?

Fall is a perfect season for wedding. It’s time when the weather is not so hot anymore, but it can still make you happy with the sunny days and a warm wind. That’s why many couples choose fall as their

Limiting your options is good

Any wedding organizing leads to a huge set of problems. Not, really, they may be ‘pleasant’ problems, but they still exist. You should choose so many things from, like setting the colors, which will dominate on your wedding, making a

4 tips that you didn’t think about while planning your wedding

Planning your wedding may be difficult, especially if you don’t have enough experience in this field. That’s why we’d like to offer you some simple, but effective steps, which will help you in planning your perfect wedding. 1.A timeline Few