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3 ‘must have’ wedding beauty treatments

It’s not a surprise that wedding is a special day for both groom and bride. That’s why each of them should look perfect. Looking best is feeling best, right? Here we prepared 3 ‘must have’ beauty treatments that will make

Top brides’ mistakes

While planning your wedding, you should pay close attention to many details. In this article, we’ll try to highlight some of the most important of them, in order to let you avoiding the mistakes, made by most of the brides.

How to ‘promote’ your wedding?

It may not be obvious from the first time, but your wedding, just like any event, should be promoted in a particular way. Of course, under ‘promoting’ we mean connecting to your guests and uniting all of the media (photo,

How to save money on wedding?

The wedding organisation can be extremely expensive, if you buy all the needed stuff in the glamorous shops in malls. However, there are pretty simple steps, which can help you cut your expenses easily. Here they are. 1.Sales after holidays

Serving Up A Storm On Your Wedding Day

As far as weddings go one could argue that the whole event is as good as the catering that comes with it. A great reception invokes images of waiters in black and white garb serving out hors d’oeuvres that are

Music Errors That Can Ruin Your Wedding

Most of us like to think of ourselves as aficionados when it comes to music and how to set the tone using the right type of melodies. After all, you have been playing your tunes for years and if it