Smartest Marriage Tips

Truth be told, there is nothing in this world that can prepare your for married life. But, there is one thing you can do – listen to a few tips provided by “experienced” men and women. Here are some simple, but very smart tips that can make your future life much easier.

Compliments complement

Studies have shown that the happiest couples are those who tend to give each other compliments, help and support, as well as encouragement. So-called “affective affirmation” is more important for men, because women usually get it from other people as well.

Forget about the dirty dishes

Experience has shown – the happiest couples are also those who don’t hesitate to talk about anything. Frequently talking to your partner, not only about your marriage, but also about other “ordinary” things. Forget about problems, just sit with your husband/wife and simply – talk. Talking to your spouse will help you relax and forget about all those things that cause you stress.

Look for the soft emotion

One old couple once said: “Always try to look for the soft emotion that lies beneath the hard one.” Always try to respond to the soft emotion – the fear, anxiety or embarrassment that is hiding behind the anger or accusation – rather than the hard one. This can help in all sorts of relationships, not just marriage.

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