4 signs that your partner is going to make a proposal

If your relationships are long enough, you can use these signs in order to know that your partner is going to make a proposal soon.

1.He became interested in your jewellery collection.

The best way to pick the ring that will be liked by you is studying your jewellery collection. This helps your partner to know exactly about your jewellery style and your preferences. It’s also important for avoiding buying something similar to what you already have.

2.He starts behaving weird.

If your boyfriend started behaving weird, like going somewhere without sharing the details or spending time somewhere you don’t know, only 2 suggestions may be made. The first one is that he is cheating and the second is that he is going to make a proposal. He probably goes for ring shopping, comparing different jewellery shops and searching for the ring you will definitely adore.

3.He starts watching his money.

A jewellery ring is not that cheap, so your BF will need some extra money for purchasing it. That’s why he may refuse to have some extra coffee or buying the brand new iPhone before making a proposal.

4.He started communicating with your family members with no reason.

If your partner started texting or talking to some of your family members without an obvious reason, it may be the sign that he learns more about your preferences or the finger size. It’s OK because he needs some good advice from your closest people.

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