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4 tips to survive your first marriage year

It’s worth mentioning that surviving your first year of marriage may be not easy if you haven’t been living together with your partner before. On the other hand, living together without a marriage may be a good practice to understand,

The weirdest post-wedding traditions in the world (Part 2)

5.Brides should eat as much as possible. In Mauritius, the brides are encouraged to eat as much, as possible after her wedding. The explanation for this tradition is simple: a fat wife is a symbol of her husband’s wealth. That’s

The weirdest post-wedding traditions in the world (Part 1)

Pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding traditions may differ. Each culture has its own traditions and rules, that were used to be followed for centuries. But some of them are really strange and weird. In this article, we’d like to introduce you

4 signs that your partner is going to make a proposal

If your relationships are long enough, you can use these signs in order to know that your partner is going to make a proposal soon. 1.He became interested in your jewellery collection. The best way to pick the ring that

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There is no ‘perfect’ wedding – all of them have their problems and little misunderstandings. But it’s OK in the majority of cases – all of these problems simply should be solved correctly. We offer you to discuss some common

3 ‘must have’ wedding beauty treatments

It’s not a surprise that wedding is a special day for both groom and bride. That’s why each of them should look perfect. Looking best is feeling best, right? Here we prepared 3 ‘must have’ beauty treatments that will make